Company Profile

Trucare Adult Day Center


Founded: 2000

Owner: Valerie Young


Areas of expertise: 
Specializing in Adult Medical Care. 

Admission Process

TruCare Adult Center offers great services to aging adults in need of care.  We cater to families who are caregivers for the disabled and aging adults.  We are here not  just as a service but as a extended family.


The increasing growth of the aging "baby Boomers" requires a major need for this type of  middle ground long-term care facility. Adult day care is an alternative between home health and the nursing home systems.

This type of service offers a needed break (respite care) for the primary care provider or family member(s) whether they are working or home bound with their loved ones.  This relief for a few hours or a day is a cost-effective option cooperated with permanent long-term care health services.  Additionally, we serve state, federal and private agencies.

Who do we service


(A) A potential candidate for TADC must first submit a completed application. This application is obtained from TADC.

(B) The completed application is reviewed by the administration. If the candidate meets the admission criteria the administration will set up an interview with the candidate and appropriate significant others.

(C) During the interview, detailed explanations of the assessment in the area of physical and mental histories and the candidate‚Äôs future goals and expectations of all criteria is evaluated. The administration will accept the candidate upon availability.  If there are no vacancies, the candidate will be placed on a waiting list; and will be notified whenever a space becomes available.

(D) All participants must have a physical examination a minimum of 60 days prior to admission to TADC. .